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A 33 Year History


Started in 1991 by seven friends who decided to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner for about 20 friends, many of whom were local educators. We were friends because of the leadership of Daisy Jackson, an educator who challenged her circle of friends to meet on Fridays to discuss current events topics and the empowerment of youths. Sadly, one Friday as we gathered we loss our dear friend to a medical emergency. At the time she was spearheading the start of a tutorial program which we immediately adopted. Today we embrace her wisdom and dedication to youths in Northern Delaware.


Wilmington’s Gentlemen of Distinction is a social organization dedicated to providing upscale excellence in the entertainment industry. Our expertise spans over 26 years of event planning. Our members have reached out to over 15 cities producing events that raise the bar for the competition.


Mission Statement

Wilmington’s Gentlemen of Distinction is committed to maintaining excellence, respect, and integrity in all aspects of our operations and our professional and business conduct. We strive to reflect the highest ethical standards in our relationships with members, business partners and our supporters who trust and believe in our endeavors.

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